04 Jun
ASMR Playroom: Q&A with a Tik Tok Sensation

I was feeling pretty good about this blog having a whopping 244 followers, but I have a friend whose Tik Tok videos have resulted in more than 21M likes and 1.4M followers. For reference, there are 21M people in the country of Sri Lanka, so either a lot of people are watching her videos, or it’s a handful of toddlers watching them on repeat. 

At first, I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about – then I showed a video of my friend Catherine making a salad, and Anais was obsessed! After days of her pleading to watch this salad video multiple times, I started to see why Catherine videos were a huge hit, and I’m thrilled to present our recent Q&A session! 

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m Catherine and I’m the hands at ASMR Playroom on TikTok! I can also be found on Facebook and Instagram (@asmrplayroom). Feel free to check out my website, Asmrplayroom.com for links to all of the toys featured in my videos, as well as exclusive deals and offers from my affiliates! I am currently living in the Midwest, and am a mom of two young kids, Liam (3.5) and Alice (1) and our cat Frankie.  My husband Derek and I will be celebrating 10 years together this year!   

I was a Nanny for 3 years before CoVid, and before that I was working as a Cook at a Preschool! I quit work to stay home full time and take care of my kids when the Pandemic started. 

 How long have you been making Tik Tok videos? And what made you decide to start?
I joined TikTok on January 2nd 2021. I had gotten a pasta maker for Christmas and had been making a ton of homemade pastas, so I decided to film myself making pasta and post it on TikTok. I thought that would be my claim to fame. I spent 8 hours on it only for it to be a total flop. I started posting some DIY projects I did in our playroom and those seemed to gain some interest. I posted my first ASMR video on the 19th featuring the Thirst Quencher Dispenser. That’s when all the requests started coming in.  

Your Tik Tok channel is called ASMR playroom. Can you tell us a bit about ASMR and why it is so popular these days?
ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a relaxing, almost hypnotic sensation that often leaves people very sleepy. When most people think of ASMR they think of people making intentional noises directly into the microphone; whispering, chewing, lip smacking, nail tapping, etc. However there are many types of unintentional ASMR; restocking videos, packing videos, time lapses, pill sorting. These repetitive processes and accompanying sounds are considered visual/auditory ASMR.     

You are a bit of a viral sensation! Has the fame gone to your head? (kidding). But were you surprised?
Thank you! It’s only gone to my head in a sense that I may use it as an excuse to buy too many toys!! I was and still am VERY surprised. It’s exciting to see how many people love these wonderful toys but hearing how much comfort and security my videos bring people makes it so much more special. 

Do your own kids love them? (My daughter, Anais, does!)
Yes! My son loves watching my videos. He loves the unboxing videos the most. He’s not as impressed with the cooking videos. I think it’s because he plays with these toys every day! 

Your videos are incredibly interactive with you taking requests. I have to ask; do you get creepy DMs and messages? Or does everyone keep it clean and play-food focused?
I can honestly say I have never received creepy DM’s or any negative comments from people! It’s always been very play focused and light-hearted.  

Do people who know you in real life know that you are internet famous?
Yes! I am still anonymous on the internet, but I am very open about what I do with family and friends! It’s always cool to hear friends tell me about how so-and-so shared one of my videos and they got to say “Hey I know her!”  

Can you be found anywhere else besides Tik Tok? Currently I am most active on TikTok, however I am trying to be better about posting on my Instagram and Facebook. I also have plans for YouTube in the future so keep an eye out for that! 

Do you have a wishlist of other toys you’d like in the playroom? Has anyone bought anything yet?
I do have a wishlist! I have had a few people purchase sets that I featured in videos! Mostly my mom LOL! (I don’t currently have a public wishlist because of conflicts with my amazon affiliate links.)  

Can you share your favorite playroom toys below? 

Melissa & Doug Thirst Quencher Dispenser
The toy that started it all! I love the brilliant design of this toy. The juice insert slides perfectly over the ice to make it look like a real ice cold drink! View the related Tik Tok Video here!  

Melissa & Doug Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter
The working deli slicer on this toy is the best part! View the related Tik Tok Video here!  

Melissa & Doug Slice & Toss Salad Set
I love all the different materials used in this set. The plastic veggie containers, the dressing bottles that squirt real “dressing”, the Velcro fork and felt lettuce. It’s all so brilliant and functional! View the related Tik Tok Video here

Melissa & Doug Pasta
Another favorite set. Pasta is my favorite food so maybe I’m biased. I love that you can actually “stuff” the ravioli with filling! View the related Tik Tok Video here!  

Melissa & Doug Make A Cake Mixer
The handle turns allowing you to actually “mix” your ingredients! I like this mixer compared to other wooden toy mixers because the handle on top makes it easier for little hands to turn. View the related Tik Tok Video here!   

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