Toddler Toy Recommendations from 200+ Moms

01 Sep

I’ve previously written about my amazing experience with my August 2017 Bumpers group. Below I’ve gathered some of our current favorite toddler toys (aimed at 2 and 3-year-olds) along with their rationales for why these toys are amazing!


Outdoor Toys

Nature Bound Bug Catcher
This is the coolest toy for our bug lovers! Gently catch and release bugs with this bug vacuum. The trap compartment comes apart and the door doubles as a magnifying glass for up close observation

Strider Balance Bike
Multiple parents, including myself, vouched for stride bikes for our little ones.

The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane
My son thinks this is a "REAL" excavator. He uses it to scoop rocks, dirt, sand, balls, marbles...the options are endless.

Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Rocket
Multiple bumpers from my group recommended this one. Both boys and girls were obsessed with this, and one parent recalled their toddler played with this for an hour (which we all know is amazing for a 2-year-old).

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter
My son loves this scooter. He can push himself around and it was very easy to assemble.


Indoor Toys

Magicfly Marble Run Set
While it can be a little frustrating to assemble with a toddler, this keeps mine entertained for a while once it's built. Bonus points for its likely use when he gets older too.

Battat – Take Apart Roadster
We got this as a birthday present and it’s been a huge hit! He needed a little guidance at first but can now take the car apart and put it back all on his own! He’s constantly asking to work on daddy’s car, so he’s so happy to have his own car to work on.

Scribble Scrubbie Animals or the Peculiar Zoo Edition
This is another bumper favorite! It’s so popular that we’ve had Scribble Scrubber “rooms” on Facebook where the kids can do this together during quarantine.

Melissa & Doug Prepare and Serve Pasta
This is my son’s favorite play kitchen set. He uses it basically every day. He stuffs the little raviolis, serves me the pasta, loves filling and emptying the boxes. It’s all over his house. Total hit. We’ve had it since his first birthday and he still plays with it daily.

Melissa & Doug Water Wows!
This is a must-have in your diaper bag and recommended by multiple moms. It’s entertaining, easy to read, and we’ve used it in restaurants, cars, planes, trains, you name it!

Crayola Air Dry Clay
This is messy, but fun and perfect for making cute keepsakes and presents for family.

Toys for Learning

Play Smart Color & Shape Picture Puzzlers
We have all of these workbooks! The activities are cute and creative, yet simple to follow. The best part is all the stickers! My toddler has completed three full workbooks already! 

Rainbow Counting Bears
My daughter is obsessed with these.

Bob Books: Beginning Readers
I learned to read at three with these books, now I’m teaching my son to read. It starts with basic sounds and letter recognition. It allows him to “read” an entire book and have that accomplishment. We do one book every other day for a week. He begs me to read his Bob books.

Bubbling Volcano Reactor
My son loves this. When he first got it he spent over an hour pouring vinegar, baking soda, and bath drops in to make it “erupt.”


Monkey Around - The Wiggle & Giggle Game of Movement
A hilarious toddler board game, including a plush banana, that never fails to make us all laugh and is always a great time.

Go Away Monster Board Game
I put this one under learning as it really helps to teach kids how games are played, and introduce them to the concept of rules.

Bath Toys

Yookidoo Ready Freddy Spray “n” Sprinkle Bath Toy
My toddler is always asking to play with the detachable showerhead, so I’ve been looking for the perfect bath toy with a hose for him. And this is it! After weeks of fighting with him to take a bath, he comes to ME asking for a bath so he can play with his fire extinguisher!

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