16 Nov
Meet My Girls: Likes & Dislikes

I thought it’d be interesting to share more about my kids and their big personalities. With the twins, I’m sure their likes and dislikes will change a lot in the coming months. While this list is accurate in November of 2020, I’m sure it’ll change quickly.

Anais’s Likes:  

  • Multiple types of hugs. It started with big hugs. Then, we added little hugs (which is when you barely touch the other person, then medium hugs. Later, when Anais started saying, “I want to fight you,” after watching too many episodes of PJ Masks, I invented fight hugs, which is when you hug someone with closed fists. And during Halloween, spider hugs appeared, when you hug someone and move your fingers across their back like a spider. Anais likes to tell you the kind of hug that she wants. 
  • Seasoning her food. This girl insists on putting salt and pepper on her foods for most meals. I hate pepper so this is clearly influence from her father. This is a big deal at my house. She gets upset until you help her put salt and pepper on her dinner.
  • Storytime. We have a special song we sing each night for story time (and we even hold hands when we sing it). She’s to the point where she can tell some stories by herself or can direct me to what the people or animals in the stories should do. Most of the stories involve her, PJ Masks, or her friend Libby. Usually someone gets lost, and she flies like a butterfly to help find them.

 Anais’s Dislikes:  

  • Brussel Sprouts. I mean, is anyone actually surprised by this?
  • Bedtime. This is my favorite time of night; I don’t get this.
  • Going anywhere without her sisters. “Mom, you forgot my sisters!”

 Gisele’s Likes:  

  • Pretending to be a turtle. This girl is part turtle. If you put her on her back in any situation or context, she immediately catapults herself over to her belly. This includes on the changing table. This girl is why those straps on the changing table were invented. I now have no qualms on changing her diaper/clothes while she is on her stomach.
  • Holding her spoon. When eating, Gisele is insistent on holding the spoon. My mom solved this by suggesting we just give her an additional spoon. So for every meal, I take three spoons to the table, so Gisele gets to hold a spoon while she eats.
  • Foraging. If you put Gisele on a picnic blanket in the grass, she immediately makes a beeline to go have a tasty salad.
  • Noisy kisses below her ears. This is the easier way to get a series of giggles from this girl.
  • Exploring. Since I started writing this post, Gisele learned how to walk, and how to climb up the stair from the family room to the dining room. This girl just wants to be on the ground moving around.

 Gisele’s Dislikes:  

  • Alpacas. See the proof here. I was so excited to take some pictures of my kids with the alpacas I rented for my birthday, but Gisele was terrified. I had never actually seen her scared before and it was heartbreaking. Her grandmama took her inside for the rest of the visit. Poor Gisele.
  • Getting dressed. If Gisele does not have complete range of motion of her limbs an immediate panic ensues. You better get her arm in that sleeve quickly or there will be hell to pay. 

  Vivienne’s Likes:  

  • Foods. All kinds of foods. This girl has not yet met a food she didn’t like.
  • Rolling. This is her preferred form of transportation. I don’t think she’ll ever crawl. She never even gets on her hands and knees, she just rolls.
  • Our dog, Buska. Yesterday I watched her execute a series of rolls (at least 4) to move from where she was over to the dog, so she could touch her, and then attempt to eat her tail (see first bullet point).
  • Staring at me. Vivienne loves looking at her mama.

 Vivienne’s Dislikes:  

  • Sleeping through the night. I don’t think I need more context here, do I?
  • Loud noises. Vivienne is so easily frightened. A loud cough or sneeze? Immediate tears.
  • Making faces. With Vivienne there is a very fine line between fun and terrifying. If you are playing with her and you make a face that is a little too strange, she cries. If you are acting crazy, and get a little too crazy, or use big hand motions, she quickly becomes unsure, and there is a chance of tears.

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