21 Nov
Dear Santa: Letters From my Girls

Based on my kid’s personalities, this is how I’d imagine their letters to Santa would go.  

Anais’s Letter

Hi Santa,

Did you know that when I grow up and get big I can leave the house on my own? My mom said I can drive? Can you bring me a car? Can Buska come in the car with me? We want to go on a borondo to get cookies. The coffee shop has cookies. My mom takes me there. I want a princess castle. It’s in the magazine. I showed my mom. And I want ALL the toys in the magazine. FOR CHRISTMAS. And bring something for my sisters? I think they want a fire truck. And bring me wings like a butterfly so I can fly. PJ Mask is lost and I can fly like a butterfly and find her!

Bye Santa,


Gisele’s Letter 

Dear Santa,

I can assure you that I’ve been a very good girl this year. I have provided a rank-ordered list of my demands. If for some reason you cannot fulfill this list, please contact me so we can discuss substitutions or suitable arrangements. 

  • A spoon. I love nothing more than to hold a good spoon my hand. Actually, can we make that two spoons? I have two hands, I think. Can feel hold spoons? I’m not sure. Make it four spoons just in case?
  • A leash for my mom. I would prefer she is never more than three feet from me unless she is going to get me a bottle. I’d like to ensure she always stays close by.
  • Non-slip socks. I learned how to crawl a week ago, and now I’m trying to stand up, and these socks are doing me no favors on the hardwood floors.
  • Speaking of hardwood floors, who allows their baby to fall on hardwood floors? Please bring me wall to wall plush carpeting.
  • A cell phone and remote control. These need to be exactly like the ones my parents use. I recognize a high value item when I see it. And can you make them edible please?

 Kind Regards,


Vivienne’s Letter 


I’ve seen photos of you. I’ve seen you on TV. You are terrifying. The only thing I want for the holiday season is for you stay far away from me and my family.

Have a happy holiday,


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