Dear Santa: Letters From my Girls

21 Nov

Based on my kid’s personalities, this is how I’d imagine their letters to Santa would go.  

Anais’s Letter

Hi Santa,

Did you know that when I grow up and get big I can leave the house on my own? My mom said I can drive? Can you bring me a car? Can Buska come in the car with me? We want to go on a borondo to get cookies. The coffee shop has cookies. My mom takes me there. I want a princess castle. It’s in the magazine. I showed my mom. And I want ALL the toys in the magazine. FOR CHRISTMAS. And bring something for my sisters? I think they want a fire truck. And bring me wings like a butterfly so I can fly. PJ Mask is lost and I can fly like a butterfly and find her!

Bye Santa,


Gisele’s Letter 

Dear Santa,

I can assure you that I’ve been a very good girl this year. I have provided a rank-ordered list of my demands. If for some reason you cannot fulfill this list, please contact me so we can discuss substitutions or suitable arrangements. 

  • A spoon. I love nothing more than to hold a good spoon my hand. Actually, can we make that two spoons? I have two hands, I think. Can feel hold spoons? I’m not sure. Make it four spoons just in case?
  • A leash for my mom. I would prefer she is never more than three feet from me unless she is going to get me a bottle. I’d like to ensure she always stays close by.
  • Non-slip socks. I learned how to crawl a week ago, and now I’m trying to stand up, and these socks are doing me no favors on the hardwood floors.
  • Speaking of hardwood floors, who allows their baby to fall on hardwood floors? Please bring me wall to wall plush carpeting.
  • A cell phone and remote control. These need to be exactly like the ones my parents use. I recognize a high value item when I see it. And can you make them edible please?

 Kind Regards,


Vivienne’s Letter 


I’ve seen photos of you. I’ve seen you on TV. You are terrifying. The only thing I want for the holiday season is for you stay far away from me and my family.

Have a happy holiday,


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