24 Dec
Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve morning. It’s 10am and I’m just getting around to feeding the twins breakfast while having coffee. Gisele is almost asleep in her highchair, and Vivienne has volunteered to finish eating Gisele’s breakfast. Anais is watching PJ Masks in the other room, and my husband is asleep (after getting up earlier with everyone so I could sleep for a bit more this morning). So it’s a quiet, and peaceful day so far. 

Quiet and peaceful lasted about 15 minutes, but it was nice while we had it. Gisele woke up, and now both babies have fresh diapers and are playing in their baby jail. 

Our presents are wrapped, our house is as clean as it usually gets these days, and I’m thrilled to have five days off from work! My only real goal today is to make cookies with Anais. We had planned to do this yesterday, but it didn’t happen. We’ve been talking about leaving milk, cookies, and a carrot for Santa and his reindeer, so I’d love to make it a tradition where we make cookies together for Santa. 

Our presents aren’t yet under the tree (as we weren’t sure they’d be safe there with all the kids), so all of our gifts are wrapped and up high on a bookshelf in our guest bedroom/my office. I think our new plan is to just truck them all over to my in-laws. We are spending tonight there, and tomorrow morning, so we just thought it would be easier to do them there. We thought if we tried to do them here in the morning, it would take us a long time to get there to do breakfast and presents at their house. Although, now thinking about it, that poses an interesting question for Santa. Maybe we should do the presents from Santa here in the morning, as we never discussed Santa taking her presents to her grandparents. I’ll have to consider this…. 

I know for many people; the holidays look drastically different. The last few years, we’ve stayed here to celebrate the holidays locally with my in-laws, so that isn’t’ changing. The last few years we held holiday parties, and that I really missed this year. Last year when I was pregnant with the twins, I wasn’t up for going out as much and seeing people, as I was exhausted all the time. So now I feel many of my friends I haven’t seen in a 1.5-2 years. Sorry friends! I miss you all! On Christmas day, typically at my in-laws their group of friends who are like their family here would come over to celebrate. We’d have dinner, wine (or at least some of us would), lots of pies, and a white elephant gift exchange. We’d also often play a game – Mohan’s sister usually had the best ideas for that or would have new games for us to try. My FIL’s family is primarily in India, and my MIL’s family in Quebec, so I feel their local friends are like family to us. None of them have met the twins yet, but I’m looking forward to when they can. Although his holiday season may be different from what you were expecting, I hope you are able to enjoy it. 2020 was an incredibly hard year for so many people.  I have my eyes on 2021, hoping it can’t possibly be worse!

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