30 Dec
Guest Post: 10 things to do after Maternity Leave

When I'm not blogging, or taking care of kids, or doing dishes, or laundry (okay, I think you get the idea) I work in Human Resources and I love it! I was so excited to pen my first article that intersects both life at work and parenting! Returning to work after having twins, and during Covid, was especially challenging. I wasn't able to find many helpful resources, so after a few months back at work, I decided I should write something up about how to successfully navigate returning to work after having a baby.

To read more, please check out my post on 10 Things to Do When Returning to Work After Maternity Leave at the blog Mimosas & Motherhood!

I'm in the process of finalizing a companion piece on 10 Things To Do Before You Go on Maternity Leave, but it's still under works. Once it's published I'll be sure to link to it here!

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