08 Sep
Twin Baby Hacks: Setting Up Your Nursery

I have seen so many pictures of adorable nurseries, and I envy the parents who had the time and money to make such a beautiful space for their newborns. I’m also going to remind you that newborns can only see 8 to 12 inches in front of them, so they probably aren’t focused on admiring the décor. My nursery isn’t amazing looking, but it is practical. Below are the things we included the second time around.

Comfortable Glider with Ottoman: You will spend a lot of time in the nursery, especially at night, and having a comfortable chair with supportive arms for when you are breastfeeding, or bottle feeding is important. In our nursery we have a Babyletto Kyoto Glider and Ottoman. I provided one of the few hyperlinks I could find – but it’s out of stock everyone so the price is really high. In our living room we have the Dutailier Sleigh Glider, which my husband and nanny love, but I’ll be honest and say it’s less comfortable if you are plus-sized. We bought both of our gliders from Facebook Marketplace. Gliders can be really expensive, but you do use them constantly for the first year (or more!)

At Least Two Chairs: If you have twins, add another chair to your nursery. It doesn’t need to be a second glider. We use a dining room chair. There will be times when both babies are fussy, and you and your partner will both be in there holding/feeding them. In the early stages, we were using both chairs multiple times a night, but now at 5 months, it’s only a few times a week that a second person needs to get up in the night to assist with the babies.

A Television: This may be a controversial suggestion, as I’ve read you shouldn’t watch TV at night when feeding the baby as it may impeded your ability to fall back asleep. But with twins – you are up so much at night, especially if you add pumping to the mix. In the early days, I could easily watch an entire feature length film between bedtime and the morning. I also pumped in the nursery exclusively, so it was great to have a TV set up so I could watch the entire series of Parks and Recreation just while pumping.

Mini Fridge: We didn’t have this the first time, which meant that when we had to feed in the night, we had to go downstairs to pour form the formula pitcher, or bring up bottles full of water with the formula to make upstairs when we needed it. The mini fridge was a game changer! We used formula pitchers with all of our kids (more on that below), and with a mini fridge, we could just bring up a ridiculous amount of bottles (like nearly a dozen for the twins), and the formula pitcher, and then it was incredibly easy to have formula ready quickly for late-night feedings. You can also consider storing your pumping parts in the fridge in between late-night feedings. And if you are pumping or nursing, you can use the fridge to store snacks and drinks. In the early days when I was up all night and trying to pump every two to three hours, I’d make myself little containers of fruit to store in the fridge overnight.

A Small Swing: If you have twins, having a small swing in the room is a must from my perspective. This helps us so much for bedtime and when twins are fussy in the middle of the night. Unless you want both parents involved in bedtime or for wakeups, a swing helps you soothe one baby while you feed the other one. At night, I always have one baby in my arms, and the other in the swing.  

A Hatch or a White Nose MachineThe Hatch comes highly recommended in all of my mom group’s, and I bought one for the twins. It also has an okay to wake light setting, which is perfect for once your kids are older. We also have a more traditional white noise machine, and I prefer the white noise sound on this one.

Ubbi Diaper Pail: We like this diaper pail so much we have two. It does an amazing job at locking in scents. Occasionally it will smell when you open it, but I think that’s a signal that it’s time to change the diaper bag, or let it air out. I’ll take it outside and leave the top open for a day occasionally to ensure the air is changed out. I also recommend tossing in some Nursery Fresheners into the bottom below where the bag is to help with the smell.  

What else might you suggest? Drop your comments below!

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