27 Aug
Soliciting Ideas for New Articles

I have a big list, shared below, of article ideas or ones I'm already working on. I'd love to hear what other things you'd be most interested in learning about. Comment below or on my facebook post to share your ideas. I think the areas I'm most likely to write about are things involving young kids, or work related posts (e.g. How to prepare for maternity leave).

Here are my upcoming ideas - let me know if you'd be interested in any and I can prioritize working on them!

  • Twin Baby Hacks
  • Infant Toy Recommendations
  • Toddler Toy Recommendations
  • 10 Things to do Before Going on Maternity Leave
  • How to Live with Morning Sickness
  • Raising Bilingual (or Trilingual) Kids
  • Goodbye Fafner: Rehoming our Dog
  • The Best Stroller Friendly Parks in Northern Virginia
  • Navigating a Live-In Nanny

Let me know what other ideas you may have! I'll only write about things where I have something to share, so some ideas I just may not be able to contribute much. Thank you!

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